Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DYK? In Guatemala, widespread malnutrition means nearly one in two children under age 5 is stunted

While Guatemala is the largest Central American country in terms of population (14.6 million) and economic activity, its largely rural, Mayan population live in extremely difficult conditions. Distribution of land, income and other wealth is controlled by a small percentage of Guatemala’s Spanish-speaking population. An estimated 75% of Guatemalans live in poverty, and the roughly 5 million Mayans are isolated socially, economically and politically due to geographic and language barriers, as well as the lack of educational and economic opportunity. The country’s social indicators are among the worst in the hemisphere. Overall adult literacy is estimated at 70 percent, but literacy among Mayan women is estimated as low as 30 percent. Less than half of rural Guatemalans have access to running water, only a quarter have access to electricity and less than one in ten have access to modern sanitation facilities. Infant, child and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in Latin America.

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